West Haddon Parish Council

Serving the people of West Haddon


Clerk: Mrs Gill Wells
PO Box 6583, Rugby
Warwickshire CV21 9QT

Tel: 07493 366527

The Council has recently installed outdoor gym equipment for use by over 14s only, on the playing fields. We hope you enjoy the equipment.

Please find attached some instructions on how to use the equipment but please be aware that users of the equipment do so entirely at their own risk. The site is not manned and the Council expect people to use common sense when exercising as you would any other form of exercise e.g. wear suitable clothing and footwear; only do what you feel you can; and do not use if you have any underlying medical conditions or it would be against medical advice.

The equipment is visually inspected weekly but if you are aware of any defects please email Gill at:- executiveofficer@westhaddonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Equally, if you see anyone misusing the equipment please report to the police by calling 101 and if you see under 14s using the facility please report to Gill on the email above - children have the play area - this is strictly an area for over 14s.

Thank you,