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Street Lighting - Roles and Responsibilities

Street Lighting - Roles and Responsibilities

A local authority does not have to provide street lighting, however, once provided, the local authority does have a duty to maintain the light structures that it has agreed to manage under the Highways Act 1980, s301 in order that they are not a danger to anyone. The lighting authority can choose to turn lights off but can only do so in the lighter months and must give 6 months notice of its intention to do so.

West Haddon Parish Council has agreed to manage and maintain lighting on the roads in West Haddon which have been adopted by the highways authority subject to a S38 agreement. If the Parish Council were to give notice of its intention to turn the lights off the maintenance and provision of lighting would revert to the highway authority – this is now West Northants Council. In the past, the highway authority had indicated that they would not carry the costs of provision or electricity charges for street lighting – in other words, it is likely the lights would be turned off.

The Parish Council has a maintenance contract with EON who are licensed to repair street lights on the adopted highway subject to the relevant legislation. The Parish Council and their contractor are unable to manage or maintain lamps on private roads and land for sound legal and insurance reasons.

Many of you will already know and may have, in the past, reported street lights not working by emailing or telephoning the parish office. This is the correct process. The office then reports the street lamp, under its jurisdiction, to the contractors whom are usually out within a week to repair the reported light unless parts have to be ordered.

If anyone is unsure about the status of a lamp ie whether it falls under the remit of the Parish Council or not or, indeed, anything relating to Parish Council obligations, facilities and assets, we have an open door policy and in the first instance we would suggest you contact the Parish Office or attend the Parish Council meetings – information is not always accurate on social media and there have been some instances of miscommunication which can fuel or incite unkindness within the community

Posted: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 10:30 by Gill Wells

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