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Children's Playground - No Dogs

Children's Playground - No Dogs

'CHILDRENS PLAYGROUND - NO DOGS!!!'The council have been made aware of people allowing their dogs to run free in the childrens playground. This has been captured on the CCTV we have installed for everyone's safety in the playing fields.Clearly, the playground has to be a safe space for our children to exercise and play - it is clearly signposted that dogs must not be allowed in the playround, for hygiene and for safety reasons. Please can all residents respct this, and please let visitors who may have dogs with them know.''So for absolute clarity - NO DOGS AT ANY TIME IN THE CHILDRENS PLAYGROUND PLEASE - and please remember, at all times, to keep your dogs on the lead when exercising in the playing fields'

Posted: Mon, 10 May 2021 09:15 by Gill Wells

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