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' IMPORTANT: DANGEROUS PLAYING TREND: NOTICE FOR PARENTS'There have been a number of reports of young children playing on the steep banks that lead up from the Northampton Road to the Playing Fields. This appears to be a worrying new trend.Of even greater concern there has been reports also of young children not only playing on these dangerous slopes, but throwing rocks and wood onto the road, with a risk of hitting vehicles. A local resident has reported this to the PC as they had to go onto the road to remove a number of large missiles that were witnessed being thrown onto the road.The aim of this notification is to advise parents of this - this seems to be a new fad, but is potentially a deadly one. If a child lost their balance and fell down the slope, they would fall straight out into the traffic. These banks are clearly not intended for play, and if you know your children are going to the playing fields, particularly if they are unsupervised, please make sure they are aware that the banks are potentially deadly and must not be played on. The PC will be advising community police of this activity and talking to the school head to make him aware.

Posted: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 08:48 by Gill Wells

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