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COVID 19 - West Haddon Parish Council Update


The world is currently going through turmoil due to the Covid 19 pandemic – not only is there the very real and concerning health situation and the impact this could have on ourselves and loved ones but also the financial impact on our families. Coupled with these concerns are the issues of isolating and loneliness and potentially long periods of time when socialising and normal movements maybe restricted.

Obviously the best and most up to date information is available via the various media sources and the Parish Council is, basically, party to the same information as yourselves, and nothing more. Please find below links to government and health information available online:-




The Parish Council is made up of 10 Councillors – some of whom are at work; self-isolating, or advised to restrict socialising due to age or underlying health conditions. The Council has limited resources in terms of staffing and is restricted in what it can do with regard a Public Health Emergency due to the Parish Council not having specific duties or powers and being restricted by virtue of legislation as to data. Some of you have asked if there is a list of households' and residents' details including ages that can be made available to aid the amazing and wonderful volunteers who are coming forward – the answer to this is simply no. Due to data protection the Council cannot forward a list of names, addresses and ages, even if we were party to such information which we are not.

At this moment in time the Council would ask you to comply with Government advice and jurisdiction and carry out a common sense approach regarding yours and others health and safety, which must be priority. Advice, guidance and legislation is changing rapidly and, therefore, we ask all residents to follow the advice being advised to us by our Government, whether you agree with it or not, and to also use the common sense approach at all times.

As at 12 midday today, 19th March 2020, following an email to all Councillors and an online conference call to which Cllrs Kerr; Leadbeater; Norman and Spencer joined the meeting, the Council has agreed the following action to support our village infrastructure, which we will need more than ever when this crisis has ended:-

  1. To request that all people, young and old, follow government guidelines in terms of restricting social activity and adapt to the rules and regulations as and when new information is received;
  2. That the Parish Council would like to offer its support to village facilities such as the Village Hall and / or Chapel whose funding revenue will have dried up due to a loss of bookings in the foreseeable future by way of a grant of up to £1000. Further details will be available from the Executive Officer at the email address below;
  3. That clubs, organisations, groups in the village will be able to apply for a grant from the Parish Council of up to £250.00 to assist in continuing running costs whilst income revenue is unavailable. The grant will be available to cover costs such as insurance and any other operational costs. Further details will be available from the Executive Officer at the email address below;
  4. That the village sporting clubs, who are reliant on membership and match fees etc will not be invoiced subscription fees for use of the pavilion which were due this month, and again in September.
  5. The Parish Council will not now be meeting formally but Councillors are looking to hold daily online meetings to ensure that, operationally, the Council carries out its responsibilities and continues with projects as far as it is possible to do so. The Council will liaise with external agencies e.g. street lighting maintenance & village grass cutting over the forthcoming months with regard the continuation of services to the village.
  6. The Council has procured the printing of postcards – these should be delivered and available for collection from the shops and the church porch early next week – if you are interested in volunteering and offering help to even one or 2 others please collect as many postcards as you require and post these through the letterbox of those you feel may require assistance during these difficult times.

Acts of kindness are what we need during these difficult times and inspiration of how / what to do or what can be achieved – please share these stories and on behalf of the Parish Council thank you for your community spirit. We are all in this together.

G Wells – Executive Officer, West Haddon Parish Council


Posted: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 16:01 by Gill Wells

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