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  • West Haddon Children's Game and Book Swap/Give away

    West Haddon Children's Game and Book Swap/Give away

    The effects of the current pandemic reach far beyond the actual effects of the virus. Lockdowns are hard and affect us all to a greater or lesser degree. I have set up this page for the community to use as a place to swap or give away school books, children's reading books and games. I thought this would be a good idea to help parents and carers help relieve the boredom and stress that the younger members of our village are experiencing during this current crisis. To use it just register. The onus is on everyone using it to adhere to current Covid guidelines. It is not intended as a selling or buying site, such posts will be removed, as will any spam posts.Here is the link:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1161882967610033

Welcome to the West Haddon Parish Council website..

West Haddon Parish Council provides many of your local services. We are constantly striving to make West Haddon a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do but we need your input to make it your website - please forward event information; group and organisation contact details - anything that you feel would interest members of our community.

If you can't find what you are looking for, or would like to recommend improvements to our website, or if you want to add your details to our Community Directory, then please contact Gill, Executive Officer at executiveofficer@westhaddonparishcouncil.gov.uk. Remember, if you don't tell us we may not know!.

Latest News

West Haddon Parish Council - Volunteers wanted for coffee shop

West Haddon Parish Council - Volunteers wanted for coffee shop

Posted: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 10:17 by Gill Wells

Anyone for Tea or Coffee?.

After a strange and surreal 15 months where Government restrictions, due to the corona virus pandemic, have led to many groups and clubs not being able to meet regularly and safely, the Parish Council Health & Wellbeing Group have been considering opportunities to encourage people to come together to meet up, chat, share experiences and start the process of healing and returning to the 'so called' new normal. More »

The group is looking to open the recently refurbished and refreshed Community & Sports Pavilion on Thursday afternoons, perhaps between 2pm – 4.30pm, as a place for community members to come together and meet up with friends or to even make new acquaintances over a coffee, tea, slice of cake or biscuit.

The group is looking for volunteers within the community who would be able and willing to give up some time to help with this community project. If you have the time and inclination and would be happy to help out in the serving of refreshments, on a rota basis, please forward your name, telephone number, email address to:- Gill, executiveofficer@westhaddonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Watch this space for further information about opening dates. » Less

Newsletter Deliverer Wanted

Newsletter Deliverer Wanted

Posted: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 10:13 by Gill Wells

Would you be interested in earning some extra money each month delivering the West Haddon News?.

If so, please contact Gill at the Parish Council:- executiveofficer@westhaddonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Emergency Plan - Call for Volunteers

Emergency Plan - Call for Volunteers

Posted: Wed, 09 Jun 2021 14:50 by Gill Wells

'The COVID pandemic highlighted the need for the Parish to be better prepared in the event of significant disruption to normal life from causes often outside our control. Local residents and Parish Councillors formed a Resilience and Emergency Planning Group and have developed an Emergency Plan – the draft of which that can be viewed on www.westhaddonparishcouncil.gov.uk

The plan focuses on the potential emergencies that pose the highest risk. These being: More »

  • Local flooding
  • Accident involving a hazardous material
  • Major heat wave
  • Low temperatures and/or snow
  • Major storms & gales
  • Major outbursts of an infectious disease
  • Prolonged drought
  • Extended loss of electricity supply
  • Local traffic accident

For the plan to be effective volunteers are requested in the following categories:

  • Local people who in times of need are able to check in on and provide support to the more vulnerable in our village. It is hoped a number of people volunteer so each volunteer has a small number of houses close to their own home.
  • Local people who have equipment or a skill that may support a response to an emergency. This could include cutting or lifting equipment, transport or being able to provide food for example.

These emergencies are rare occurrences so it isn't expected volunteers will be regularly called upon. It is however, reassuring to know that support is there if it is required.

If you would like to be included as a volunteer in either of the above categories, please contact Gill:- executiveofficer@westhaddonparishcouncil.gov.uk » Less