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West Haddon Parish Council provides many of your local services. We are constantly striving to make West Haddon a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do but we need your input to make it your website - please forward event information; group and organisation contact details - anything that you feel would interest members of our community.

If you can't find what you are looking for, or would like to recommend improvements to our website, or if you want to add your details to our Community Directory, then please contact Gill, Executive Officer at executiveofficer@westhaddonparishcouncil.gov.uk. Remember, if you don't tell us we may not know!.

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Waste and recycling collection arrangements for the festive season in West Northants

Posted: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 09:04 by Gill Wells

Waste and recycling collection arrangements for the festive season in West Northants

With the festive season fast approaching, West Northamptonshire Council (WNC)is letting know residents know about the arrangements for waste and recycling collections over the Christmas and New Year period.

Waste and recycling collection crews will be working throughout the festive season to make sure services are delivered on time and with no delays. More »

Cllr Phil Larratt, WNC's Cabinet Member for environment, transport, highways and waste said: "As a Council, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our waste collection crews who continue to provide an outstanding and vital service all year round.

"The festive period can mean that households have more recycling and waste than any other time throughout the year.

"I would encourage all residents to ensure that all recycling is washed, crushed and disposed of properly so we can all do our bit to recycle this Christmas."

Downloadable bin calendars with information about waste and recycling arrangements each area of West Northants will be available from the Bins, Recycling and Waste pages of our website by the end of November.

But in the meantime, the main things to remember are:

  • Waste and recycling collection days in the South Northamptonshire and Northampton areas will not change over Christmas and New Year.
  • Collections in the Daventry area which are due to take place on Monday 26 December, will be collected on Saturday 24 December instead.
  • Garden waste collections will be suspended from 24 December until 6 January across West Northants.
  • Crews will collect real Christmas trees between 9 and 20 January.
  • Residents in the Daventry and South Northants areas should put real Christmas trees out on the day that garden waste is due to be collected in their area.
  • In the Northampton area, real trees should be put out next to recycling bins, and those on sack collections can present trees beside their recycling boxes and green sacks on their collection day.
  • Please ensure any trees over 6ft tall are cut in half, so they will fit into the lorries safely.
  • You do not need a garden waste subscription to put out your real Christmas tree for collection.

Additional recycling can be put out in clear plastic bags or boxes alongside recycling bins and boxes, or can also be taken to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

These are open as usual throughout the festive period except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, when they will be closed. Centres will also close early on Christmas Eve, at 2pm.

Find out more information about waste and recycling collections this Christmas on the WNC website.

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West Northamptonshire Council Communications Team


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Financial and practical Cost-of-Living help for households across West Northamptonshire is available now

Posted: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 08:49 by Gill Wells

Financial and practical Cost-of-Living help for households across West Northamptonshire is available now


West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) has worked with partners across the authority to offer a package of financial and practical support to help residents with rising costs of food, fuel and essential daily items over the winter months.

Today we are announcing as available:

  • Financial help for low wage workers, households with children, and those most needing help towards rent, council tax, household bills including gas and electricity, childcare costs and important daily essentials. Funded by the third tranche of the Household Support Fund.
  • West Northamptonshire Council Online Cost of Living Support Hub
  • Cost-of-Living Support Line 0300 126 7000
  • Network and directory of 67 Warm Spaces across the whole county
  • Directory of food larders run by Northampton's Hope Centre

The full range of assistance can be found on WNC's newly launched Cost-of-Living Online Support Hub which is full of information and advice about the rising cost of living to help all residents find support and help available to them. More »

The webpage is designed to be easy to navigate and contains lots of information on accessing grants, money and debt advice, government funding, wellbeing tips and links to local community organisations. The drop-down options are tailored to specific users and aim to make the information quick to find and easily accessible, without the need to scroll for a long period of time.

For those who can't access the Internet, residents can also call WNC's customer services team and speak to somebody directly about the support available between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please call us on 0300 126 7000.

WNC has also worked with the public, private, health and voluntary sectors so that anyone who is feeling cold knows where they can go to stay warm and enjoy a little company this winter. Everyone is invited to the network of 67 Warm Spaces, non-judgemental, safe and welcoming places where people in West Northants can come together to stay warm, and perhaps enjoy a hot meal or a cup of tea and a biscuit. The Warm Spaces Directory can be found here.

In line with the council's Anti-Poverty Strategy, financial help is also at hand for 17,620 households who will benefit from the £2,599,628 third tranche of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Household Support Fund announced last month from economic support

Between now and March 2023 financial support will be available:

  • To households with children – A £15 voucher was available for October half term and further support will be provided over the Christmas break to families of children who receive free school meals.
  • To up to 4,000 households working but receiving a low wage - Online applications are now open to residents earning *£300 or less a week to receive payments totalling £250 into their bank accounts towards winter essentials. The first award of £125 will be credited to the applicant's bank account at the point of approval of the application. The second payment will be credited to the same bank account 60 days later (without the need for a further application). To qualify you must be employed, have a valid bank account, live in the region, not been in receipt of the recent £650 government Cost-of-Living payments (£326 and £324) and be over 18. To apply visit Household Support Fund | West Northamptonshire Council (westnorthants.gov.uk)

    *After deductions and including any other benefits claimed. Those who have recently received the £650 government Cost-of Living payments are not eligible to apply.
  • The council also plans to provide families with additional financial and practical Cost-of-Living help via community engagement, food banks and further emergency funding in the New Year. This support, which will be provided on a case-by-case basis, may be help towards rent, council tax, household bills including gas and electricity, childcare costs, important daily essentials.

Cllr Matt Golby, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care & Public Health, said:

"The rising cost of living is causing uncertainty, worry and concern for many of us right now, but we want you to know – you are not alone and there is lots happening both in the local community and nationally that can offer support.

"We understand it can be difficult to find out what support is available, so we have worked closely with partners to create a central hub of information to help with this.

"It is vital that you, your family, and those you care about have the resources needed to live well. If you are struggling or would like to know more about the support you may be entitled to, please do pick up the phone or visit our support hub for more information.

"West Northamptonshire Council's Anti-Poverty Strategy sets out how we will work with partners to support people struggling financially, what we will do to stop people falling into poverty and how we will work to get the best deal for the people of West Northants. This work is underway, and we are committed to its delivery."

It is important to note that Community Larders also run across West Northants by the Northampton Hope Centre and are manned by volunteers, providing an invaluable service for anyone facing hardship by providing donated and surplus food at discounted rates. They also support people by signposting them to other support services.

Find out information about other food larders run by the Northampton Hope Centre.

Food Aid Alliance West Northamptonshire (FAAWN) also helps people in food poverty through their network of 40 foodbanks and social supermarkets in the West Northants area. https://goodfoodwnorthants.org/foodaidalliance.html

West Northamptonshire Council's website will be updated if further funds released by the government become available.

Contact Information

West Northamptonshire Council Communications Team


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Posted: Wed, 16 Nov 2022 09:39 by Gill Wells

Dear Residents - I received the following email regarding a review of the bus network. The email was received on 11th November. They have requested a response by 2nd December. This is a very short time frame and I am concerned that users of the bus services do not have an opportunity to be involved and feed in to the review. Despite asking and pointing out my concerns that users should be involved or results will be skewed they have advised I can publish their letter but any responses should not be forwarded to them but to myself - please respond via email to myself by 1st December in order I can collate any comments and forward on West Haddon residents behalf. Also, please be mindful that with the cost of living crisis rural areas such as ours may be more and more reliant on public transport as cars are considered a luxuryMy email address is:- executiveofficer@westhaddonparishcouncil.gov.ukDear Sir / Madam More »

I am writing to brief you on a bus network review which SCP are undertaking on behalf of West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) covering the West Northamptonshire area and services operating into surrounding counties. I would also welcome your initial views on bus services in your area, as detailed below.


WNC have commissioned a bus network review in order to plan for a future, sustainable network that provides a stable and financially sustainable bus network. The Council's objective is to avoid reverting to the underlying trend of declining patronage and service provision in the area, as seen prior to and during the Covid pandemic.

The Study

The aim of this review is to assist WNC to identify and deliver a core bus network which is commercially viable and which increases bus use within the council area.

As a local council, representing your community, your input is crucial to helping to determine what the future network should look like. We recognise that not all communities are served by local bus services, but opportunities for volunteer run community buses, demand responsive minibuses and integration with other services will also be explored to improve connections in rural areas.

The review will categorise the existing bus services into 3 categories: green (viable), amber (marginal) or red (non-commercial). We will be working with local bus companies to understand their plans for the services they provide now and in the future, as well as assessing the value of the council funded bus services that currently fill in gaps in the commercial bus network.

The output of the review will be a report which clearly identifies potential improvements and a draft network plan based on evidenced need. The wider strategic issues, including economic and financial pressures, will be considered to assist planning for the medium and long term of public transport in West Northamptonshire.

Initial Request for Information

Following the study there will more opportunities to give your views through a formal WNC consultation on the proposals but to inform our work on the review we are seeking your initial views on the following questions:

  • Is your community served by a local bus service and if so are residents satisfied with the service?
  • Evidence of any barriers to bus use in your community (excluding the impact of the Covid-19pandemic) – for example concerns about frequency, routes, destinations, times, fares?
  • SCP is a trading name of Singleton Clamp & Partners Limited An RSK Company Registered in England No. 3728935 Offices in Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Chelmsford and Bristol
  • What do you think could be done to make bus use more attractive?
  • Do you have any ideas or options which you believe should be included within the review?
  • All information should be provided to our project manager, Lucy Crann by Friday 2nd December.It is expected a draft Bus Network Review will be produced by January 2023, after which stage formal community and stakeholder consultation will be undertaken by WNC.Bob Pinkett Transport Director On behalf of SCP
  • Yours sincerely

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